Integration Architecture

Integration architecture ensures the success of your integration solution development and deployment.


Integration architecture ensures quality and

Combining new and old solutions and systems to best serve business processes demands the right technologies in the right places. Among agile and swift development, support and maintenance services have a key role in the process.

Investment in integration architecture pays itself back with effective implementation and smooth maintenance.

Our integration architecture services are always fitted to customers' needs. Content and extent of the service depend on the needed solution.

 Examples of our architecture services:

  • Evaluation of the current situation aka. architecture mapping

    • Existing integrations and systems

    • The maturity level of the integrations

    • Practices in integration development

    • Recommendations of things kept and further developed (TIME-frame of reference)

  • Overall design on integration architecture

  • Integration architecture as part of your overall architecture

    • Strategic technology selections

      • Mini- or microservices?

      • Need for Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

      • Event-driven architecture with scheduled integration processes

      • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a part of whole Process Automation

    • Mapping of information flow types

    • Description of data models

    • Process descriptions

  • Integration map (information flows and their interfaces)

    • Information security (e.g. API authorization)

    • Performance, scaling and container deployment

  • Integration road map and categorization of integration needs

  • Tools of integration development and best practices (Integration Handbook)

  • Planning of surveillance and error management


Savings in IT costs compared to spaghetti integrations


Less costs of integrations

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