Digitalization and API-economy raise their heads and bring the ability to integrate into the core of the business. We enable digitalization with APIs and savings with RPA


Enable Digitalization - Achieve Savings

Our integration specialists invest in understanding the customer's business and goals, technology only serves as a tool to achieve goals. We can help you succeed in your goals with a comprehensive service portfolio, whether it's mapping your early integration architecture or developing agile operating models that already exist. We deliver integration solutions with strong professionalism and the best tools available - like FRENDS iPaaS and Azure Integration Services - to meet your business needs.


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Start with integration architecture

Well-designed integration architecture ensures efficient development of APIs and process automation - including RPA. To avoid costly mistakes in the performance, security and deployment model of integrations, a plan is required.

Are you enabling digital services or decided to achieve savings via process automation - robotic or not? Does the Integration Architecture planning sound too heavy? HiQ's Integration Survey is a light-weight survey to map and chart your existing integration needs.

Integration Development

We develop your integration with the best tools available whether your need is to enable digital services or business or robotic process automation (BPA or RPA). Our DevOps teams have sharpened the development and deployment process especially for the needs of integration development, no matter whether they are a part of the larger waterfall project or agile development.

DevOps Loop
DevOps Loop
DevOps Loop
DevOps Loop

Integration Governance

Pace and Quantum of changes in integration development are huge. When everything is connected, the nerve center we call integration platform - is the place where you can stop changes from spreading from system to system and monitor all your data flows in a centralized way. How to govern the integration platform? Read about our Integration Competency Center and coaching services.

Our Integration development teams are located in Finland, Russia, Poland, and Sweden. We are also proud to be the largest supplier of FRENDS iPaaS consultancy in the world.

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